[GRASS5] [bug #2641] (grass) [5.7] v.in.ascii support for Mac OS9 and DOS newlines

Glynn Clements glynn.clements at virgin.net
Thu Sep 30 14:00:30 EDT 2004

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> this bug's URL: http://intevation.de/rt/webrt?serial_num=2641
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> Subject: [5.7] v.in.ascii support for Mac OS9 and DOS newlines
> Platform: GNU/Linux/i386
> grass obtained from: Mirror of Trento site
> grass binary for platform: Compiled from Sources
> GRASS Version: 5.7 cvs sept 2004
> It would be nice if 5.7's v.in.ascii input from stdin supported Mac
> OS9 and DOS newlines as well as UNIX ones. Just tried using it with a
> tab delimited text file created in Win2k Excel on a OSX installation
> of GRASS; MS IE on OSX saved the attachment as a Mac OS9 text file
> (argh), Safari saved it in original DOS format... the conversion is
> not exactly something I could explain to the student who only knew
> about Macs...
> complication I had implementing this in 5.3's s.in.ascii: fgetl()
> doesn't stop on \r's (Mac OS/9);

What is fgetl()? Or did you mean G_getl()?

> I think v.in.ascii figures out input
> line length and uses fgets(,maxlength), so this might not be an issue
> here.

fgets() also stops on \n (G_getl() just calls fgets() and removes the
terminating NUL), so the same issue applies there.

> For DOS files you need to strip the \r from the end of the line if it
> exists otherwise it shows up in the last (text) field.


The only thing which will work with Mac text files is avoiding the use
of fgets() altogether. There are currently around 250 files which use
fgets(), so this isn't a trivial change.

Glynn Clements <glynn.clements at virgin.net>

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