[GRASS5] OpenOSX offers Free Grass Application

Jeshua Lacock jeshua at OpenOSX.com
Fri Apr 1 10:37:31 EST 2005

Greetings all,

             We at OpenOSX are excited to unveil our new "OpenOSX 
GrassPro(TM)" product today making it immediately available. In 
addition to GrassPro, we have published our "OpenOSX Grass" 
application, included with our GrassPro product, available to the 
public as a free download.

             The all-new "OpenOSX GrassPro" product features "OpenOSX 
Grass", a standalone application based on the powerful and proven open 
source "GRASS 6.0.0 GIS" software, requiring only a simple 
drag-and-drop installation, along with an exhaustive suite of 
additional software and tools included to compliment and extend the 
functionality of GRASS GIS.

           To compliment "OpenOSX Grass", "OpenOSX GrassPro" offers a 
host of ready-to-use GIS software and utilities, including: MapServer 
for publishing dynamic, navigable maps with layers over the Internet; 
Generic Mapping Tools (GMT), a collection of more than 60 tools for 
manipulation of geo-spatial data; a suite of BLM command-line utilities 
and more all backed with documentation, tutorials, sample-data, limited 
installation and getting-started support.

           The free "OpenOSX Grass" application is a stand-alone 
application, however, it does not include support or any of the 
additional software that is included with OpenOSX’s GrassPro product. 
The "OpenOSX Grass" application may be downloaded free of charge from:


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