[GRASS5] OpenOSX offers Free Grass Application

Morten Hulden morten at untamo.net
Mon Apr 4 08:47:33 EDT 2005

Where are the sources?

Jeshua Lacock wrote:
> Greetings all,
>              We at OpenOSX are excited to unveil our new "OpenOSX 
> GrassPro(TM)" product today making it immediately available. In addition 
> to GrassPro, we have published our "OpenOSX Grass" application, included 
> with our GrassPro product, available to the public as a free download.
>              The all-new "OpenOSX GrassPro" product features "OpenOSX 
> Grass", a standalone application based on the powerful and proven open 
> source "GRASS 6.0.0 GIS" software, requiring only a simple drag-and-drop 
> installation, along with an exhaustive suite of additional software and 
> tools included to compliment and extend the functionality of GRASS GIS.
>            To compliment "OpenOSX Grass", "OpenOSX GrassPro" offers a 
> host of ready-to-use GIS software and utilities, including: MapServer 
> for publishing dynamic, navigable maps with layers over the Internet; 
> Generic Mapping Tools (GMT), a collection of more than 60 tools for 
> manipulation of geo-spatial data; a suite of BLM command-line utilities 
> and more all backed with documentation, tutorials, sample-data, limited 
> installation and getting-started support.
>            The free "OpenOSX Grass" application is a stand-alone 
> application, however, it does not include support or any of the 
> additional software that is included with OpenOSX’s GrassPro product. 
> The "OpenOSX Grass" application may be downloaded free of charge from:
>     <http://OpenOSX.com/grass/>.
> Cheers,
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