[GRASS5] vector point extract script

Radim Blazek blazek at itc.it
Tue Apr 5 07:58:03 EDT 2005

Hamish wrote:
>>>>paste is probably dangerous, a record aor point can be missing.
>>>Isn't >it better to use join (input must be sorted;
>>>Yes it is; thanks. Script updated to use sort+join.
> ..
>>>>use -e for attributes)?
>>>Use -e where? for what?
>>To print lines with missing attributes in join.
> You mean if you have 1000 vector points but only 800 records in the
> db table? I don't have any data to test that.

Or 999 or 0.

> Hopefully -e defaults to "" then?

IIRC, if -e is not used, the leftside is not printed.
'join' is dumb.


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