[GRASS5] Problem converting NAD27 to NAD83.

Craig Funk funkmeister at lynxseismicdata.com
Thu Apr 7 13:42:11 EDT 2005

Hello, I am having problems with v.proj (and r.proj) when projecting 
vectors from a NAD27 database to NAD83 use GRASS 6.0

This is the output from the v.proj command:

Input Projection Parameters: +proj=utm +zone=10 +a=6378206.4 
+rf=294.9786982 +no_defs +nadgrids=ntv1_can.dat
Input Unit Factor: 1

Output Projection Parameters: +proj=utm +zone=10 +a=6378137 
+rf=298.257222101 +no_defs +towgs84=0.000,0.000,0.000
Output Unit Factor: 1
WARNING: The vector 'lines' already exists and will be

Creating vector file...
pj_transform() failed
cause: failed to load NAD27-83 correction file
Error in pj_do_transform

This is my PROJ_INFO file:

name: UTM
datum: nad83
dx: 0.000000
dy: 0.000000
dz: 0.000000
proj: utm
ellps: grs80
a: 6378137.0000000000
es: 0.0066943800
f: 298.2572221010
zone: 10

This is my DEFAULT_WIND file:
proj:       1
zone:       10
north:      6665000
south:      5300000
east:       696621
west:       332705
cols:       72783
rows:       273000
e-w resol:  5.00001374
n-s resol:  5

Any suggestions?
Craig Funk
funkmeister -at- lynxseismicdata -dot- com

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