[GRASS5] Re: [GRASSLIST:6423] r.out.gdal: Unable to convert to WKT

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Thu Apr 14 11:39:54 EDT 2005

On Thu, Apr 14, 2005 at 03:14:32PM +0100, Paul Kelly wrote:
> Hello Jachym
> On Tue, 12 Apr 2005, Jachym Cepicky wrote:
> >The attachment worked fine now and I confirm, it works,
> >thank you:
> Good. I committed a slight variation to CVS that I think should work 
> reliably.
> >
> >just few outputs:
> >
> >1) for the Krovak-location
> >
> >GRASS6.1.cvs(cr-jtsk):~> r.out.gdal in=dem_srtm type=Byte out=dem.tiff
> >WARNING:    OGR can't parse PROJ.4-style parameter string:
> >           +proj=krovak +a=6377397.155 +rf=299.1528128 +no_defs
> >           +towgs84=570.8,85.7,462.8,4.998,1.587,5.261,3.56 +to_meter=1.0
> >           (OGR Error code was 5)
> >WARNING:    g.proj: Unable to convert to WKT

I have posted an enhancement to the GRASS/GDAL plugin which enables
the plugin to print the GRASS projection. This will probably
also cure the problem as the g.proj call within r.out.gdal
is no longer needed. The patch to GDAL makes use of the
ellipse.table and datum.table of GRASS.



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