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Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
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I also just tried to do a dissolve yesterday and it didn¹t work. It SHOULD
work using v.extract ­d. I wanted demonstrate dissolve while working with a
student yesterday and it didn¹t work. I simply wanted to dissolve all the
common boundaries in a map, so I didn¹t specify a where clause. However,
nothing was dissolved. I think that it will only dissolve polygons with
common cat value, regardless of whether or not you specify. Try specifying
your range of cat numbers v.extract ­d cat=1-[n] (where [n] is your max cat

Michael Barton

On 4/26/05 3:57 PM, "Michael Zoldak" <Michael.Zoldak at asu.edu> wrote:

> Dr Barton 
> This is mike zoldak at IIS again with another GRASS question. I'm trying to
> dissolve polygon boundaries based on a shared attribute value. Is there some
> trick to doing this very basic GIS operation?  I've tried about a hundred
> different permutations (literally) of v.extract and v.reclass and nothing
> seems to come close.
> Mike Zoldak 

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