[GRASS5] New NVIZ layout

Bob Covill bcovill at tekmap.ns.ca
Mon Aug 1 14:32:17 EDT 2005


I have just applied some changes to CVS for the ogsf lirary, and nviz. 
These changes include a number of small fixes and a new GUI layout for NVIZ.

The changes include the following:
1. I have combined the NVIZ menus and the NVIZ window into a single 
interface which solves some of the problems with windows on top of each 
other and various packing problems (i.e. windows opening minimized or 
too small).

2. I have added a scrollbar to the menu frame so that some of the larger 
menus do not disappear off the bottom of a smaller screen.

3. I have added a new option "File" -> "Set Canvas Size". This opens a 
window where the user can manually set the exact canvas (viewing area) 
size or set it to "Unconstrained". If "Unconstrained" is set the canvas 
will automatically resize with the main window. Manually setting the 
size is useful for custom images or animations where a set image size is 

4. I have added an option under "Panel" called "Hide Panels". This can 
be used to temporarily hide the option menus. To re-open the menus 
select "Panel"->"Show Menus". Also, opeing a new menu will automatically 
expose the menus. To make this easier I have also added a small arrow 
button at the bottom of the scrollbar described above in item 2. Hiding 
the menus can be useful with the window maximaized (and unconstrained) 
with the "fly" naviagtion option selected.

5. I have re-orgainized the display options under "Main Features" and 
"Decorations" at the top of the main display panel. Surfaces, vectors, 
sites, and volumes can all be turned on or off under "Main Features". 
Under "Decorations" the legend, labels, north arrow, and fringe can also 
be turned on or off. For example after a legend has been created it can 
be turned on or off by selected the checkbutton under Decorations. This 
saves having to open othe menus to turn off a feature.

6. I have updated the North Arrow feature. It now has an option for the 
user to manually set the arrow length (default = 100). Also, the arrow 
can now be placed either on the surface or outside of the surface.

7. I have add a routine that temporily hides the the togl display canvas 
  while off-screen rendering is taking place. This prevents the togl 
binding from taking focus while off-screen rendering is taking place. Do 
not minmize the window while off screen rendering is taking place.

8. I have added Tooltip support. I have not completely implemented this, 
but the main movement panel now has tooltips for most of the options.

9. I have changed the color option for cut-plane drawing so that the 
colors should be drawn correctly.

10. General code clean-up in nviz/src to eleiminate some of the compiler 

If anyone has any questions or problems please let me know.

Bob Covill

Tekmap Consulting
P.O. Box 2016
Fall River, N.S.
B2T 1K6

E-Mail: bcovill at tekmap.ns.ca

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