[GRASS5] r3.out.vtk and other r3.* modules

Soeren Gebbert soeren at pool.math.TU-Berlin.DE
Wed Aug 3 19:46:03 EDT 2005

Dear developers,
r3.out.vtk is in now in CVS (grass 6.1) many thanks to Markus.

I've added today a new feature to r3.out.vtk and r3.out.ascii, these two 
modules now support the g3d_mask. As i programmed this feature, i noticed 
a strange bug in r3.mask (rows and cols were permuted!), so i fixed it too. Hopefully it 
works now, it looks fine with my dataset (modified spearfish60).

Changes i made:
* r3.in.ascii - added translation macro
               - replaced sprintf with snprintf
* r3.info   - added translation macro
             - replaced most sprintf with snprintf
             - added flag R, now range is printed like in r.info
* r3.mask   - added translation macro
             - fixed bug (rows and cols were permuted)
             - i have reorganised the code for better reading
               and to be closer to the grass/gnu codingstandarts
               (prototypes, void pointer and stuff ...)
* r3.out.ascii - added translation macro
                - added "m" flag for mask support
* r3.out.vtk - added "m" flag for mask support

I will send the changes to Markus. So he can decide where to put it.
Im working with the newest grass6.1-cvs.

Best regards

I hope i made no mistake, when i replaced sprintf with snprintf,
i think snprintf is more safe.
just my 2 eurocent ;)

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