[GRASS5] 3D Rasters in current CVS

Helena Mitasova hmitaso at unity.ncsu.edu
Wed Aug 17 13:36:09 EDT 2005

Benjamin - check your region settings - are you using an older location 
or did you create this one with the latest GRASS6.1
There was a change in definition of 3D region (merge with 2D region) so 
that may be causing problems.


Benjamin Ducke wrote:
> r3.mapcalc seems broken in current CVS (?). Even the most simple
> operation like
> result = input * 10
> gives this error:
> FATAl ERROR: G3d_getDoubleRegion: error in G3d_getTilePtr
> NVIZ is giving me some trouble, too. I don't understand what
> information NVIZ uses to position a 3D raster map in space.
> I have tried loading in a plain surface with height range 4 to 9
> meters and a 3D raster with Z boundaries set to the same values.
> However, the latter is being positioned well below the surface
> (the data range of the 3D raster is about 1.0 to 3.0).
> The X/Y positioning seems correct.
> I can change the Z position manually but am still unable to display anything
> using the "slices" method. ISO-surface extraction seems to work.
> Any ideas, why this is so?
> I would really like to use voxels/3D rasters in GRASS and volunteer to write
> a tutorial on it, but I feel currently very vague about some aspects of
> implementation.
> First, I would like to understand the working of r3.in.ascii a bit better:
> am I right in thinking that every raster map in the input file defines the 
> lower faces of one level of voxels and that voxels are stacked from bottom to top?
> Can 3D rasters also be integers or only fp?
> Thanks,
> Benjamin. 
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