[GRASS5] monitor resize

Huidae Cho grass4u at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 23:11:44 EDT 2005

1. d.mon -s start=x0
2. d.mon select=x0
3. Resizing works!


1. d.mon -s start=x0; d.mon select=x0
2. Resizing doesn't work!


1. d.mon -s start=x0; sleep 1; d.mon select=x0
2. Resizing works!

It's interesting!  Maybe, WM doesn't have enough time to do something
when select is executed immediately after start.

Do you have any idea?

Huidae Cho

On Tue, Aug 23, 2005 at 10:56:06PM +0100, Glynn Clements wrote:
> Huidae Cho wrote:
> > I tried twm, WindowMaker, Fluxbox, evilwm, ion, wmi2, ...
> > 
> > twm, evilwm, wmi2: resizing works
> > WindowMaker, Fluxbox, ion: resizing doesn't work
> > 
> > It depends on which WM I use.  Does this mean that some WMs ignore the
> > USSize hint?  Or is the USSize hint supposed to not allow WM to resize the
> > window?  If this is the latter case, I think XDRIVER should be fixed.
> When a client connects, the WM_NORMAL_HINTS property is updated to
> include minimum and maximum size settings (PMinSize, PMaxSize) equal
> to the current window size, to prevent the window from being resized
> while a client is using it. Once the client disconnects, the min/max
> size settings are removed.
> With some window managers, the min/max settings appear to "stick".
> As a quick test:
> 1. Start the monitor with the "-s" switch, which prevents mon.select
> from being run; at that point, the min/max size settings will never
> have been applied.
> 2. Try resizing the monitor.
> 3. Run "d.mon select=...", which will connect to the monitor, causing
> the min/max size settings to be applied and removed.
> 4. Try resizing the monitor again.
> -- 
> Glynn Clements <glynn at gclements.plus.com>

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