[GRASS5] rgb color support in ps.map ?

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Wed Aug 31 10:24:56 EDT 2005

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Hamish wrote:
>>what is the status of RGB color support in ps.map ?
>>Can one use rgb codes for all elements, some elements or none ?
> rrr:ggg:bbb color naming works for some features not for others.
> Generally, vector drawing instructions (by Radim) support it, others
> (legacy commands) may or may not at about 50/50 odds.
>>If not for all, it there a specific reason for this other than
>>"just" having to adapt the code to mirror those elements which
>>support it ?
> For the parts I've modified, I've (mostly) only added it where I needed
> it. If there is a specific command which you are desperate to have it
> work with let us know so we can focus on that first.

I wouldn't call myself "desperate" ;-), but in the effort of
creating a ps.map version of the legend created by d.vect.thematic
it would be necessary for the rectangle object...

I also think that ideally ps.map should have a consistent behaviour
across all elements, but that's easy to say while I depend on other
to do it ;-)

You can also try to briefly explain what needs to be done, and I'll
have a first attempt at doing it myself...

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