[GRASS5] gis.m (2006.03.24): kudos and bugs

Cedric Shock cedricgrass at shockfamily.net
Mon Apr 3 05:03:29 EDT 2006

Maciek Sieczka,

Thanks for your input and suggestions.

> 2.
> Command's GUI menus are too big. Try e.g. v.extract& - the window will
> cover almost whole the screen.

The text in v.extract's description is really too long for one line. I'll make 
this part wrap instead of making the window grow.

> Related - could lines for inputting 
> attributes be adjusted to window size, and not the other way round?

Adjusting initial window size to fit the minimum size of the widgets is really 
nice. I guess it'd be nice if these would grow/shrink with the window too. 
It's hard to avoid feedback in systems like this. It'd require doing just 
about everything by hand instead of using tk's wonderful packer. Does anyone 
else have input or suggestions on how this should be?

> When resizing GUIs, buttons in the bottom will become invisible. Could
> they be preserved, like those in the bottom of "Select Item" window?

The old design and interface pretty much forces us to pack widgets top to 
bottom making the buttons the first to go instead of the last. Usually I'd 
pack something like this first against the bottom edge. I'll try to find some 
trick to make this shrink differently.

> GUI's are now fully mouse wheel scrollable, neat, but "Select Item"
> windows, the area where layers are listed in d.m and gis.m and
> layer attributes area still aren't. Could they?

Yes for "Select Item" windows. I don't understand what you mean by "layer 
attributes area"; can you give an example?

> Cosmetics: the bottom of some GUIs are greyish, while the remaining
> part of window is greenish.

I can't set the background colors for windows in a nice way. I'll throw a 
frame behind the buttons to fill in with a consistent color.

> I must admit that besides those issues d.m and gis.m are much more
> readable and aesthetic now. It is also great to have separate output
> tab in GUIs.


> 3.
> Longstanding: there are commands which need to have the attributes
> order customizable  (e.g. v.type). Will Grass GUI support this someday?
> https://intevation.de/rt/webrt?serial_num=2969

Nope, not from me at least. I've been dreaming of a little program that takes 
a series of run commands and wraps them up into a shell script with a UI 
definition that would be a superset of this ability, but it's likely to stay 
as just a dream.

> 4.
>d.what.vect -e:

I don't think this is either Michael's or my field at the moment.

> 5.
> d.m is still leaving d.mon zombies in memory at any (re)drawing.

I haven't poked at d.m except to make sure I don't break it..

> Lat but not least:
> KUDO to Cedric - NVIZ indeed now builds and runs with tcl/tk 8.4 on
> Debian derivative (Ubuntu Breezy)!



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