[GRASS5] New Script Submission on Grass WIKI: r.fragment

Patton, Eric epatton at nrcan.gc.ca
Mon Apr 3 13:31:00 EDT 2006

I've uploaded a new script on the WIKI called r.fragment:


This script was designed because I needed to be able to split a Grass raster
up into a number of smaller, more manageable maps. It works by accepting a
user-specified number of rows and columns that define an export grid. The
script starts in the upper left corner of the parent raster, and moves
through the number of columns, exporting each raster into the current
mapset. Once it reaches the easternmost extent of the parent raster, it
moves down one row, and repeats starting again at the westernmost extent.
The user can specify a null-value threshold above which no candidate map is
exported as well.

Comments and suggestions for improvements are welcome.

~ Eric.

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