[GRASS5] Re: [bug #4250] (grass) v.out.ogr: CHAR columns are trimmed to 80 chars when writing shp

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 8 00:10:23 EDT 2006

> $ dbview -e /home/grassdata/caves_utm33/wlasnosc2/dbf/test.dbf
> Field Name      Type    Length  Decimal Pos
> Cat               N        11       0
> Owner cod         N        11       0
> Owner nam         C       249       0
> Owner nmb         N        11       0
> Owner loc         C        80       0

are those field names "Owner nam" or "Owner_nam"? I didn't think dbf
fields could have spaces; if two words maybe it is just reading the
first and getting confused as there are multiple "Owner"s? Or is dbview
just translating the names?

did you try sqlite instead of dbf? (doubt any improvement, but maybe
worth a try)


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