[GRASS5] Re: [GRASSLIST:802] some code cleanup?

Glynn Clements glynn at gclements.plus.com
Sat Apr 22 07:47:23 EDT 2006

marcos boullón magán wrote:

> Case 3. There exist the directory, maybe with a Makefile, but the
> command doesn't appear later: i.ask (in fact, it compiles but install
> process put it in GRASS /etc directory instead /bin directory; is it
> an internal command? it has no help), i.find (the same happens; it
> goes to GRASS /etc directory),

These are internal commands.

> r3.mapcalculator (renamed to r3.mapcalc?),

I don't know why r3.mapcalculator isn't installed, but r3.mapcalc is
built from the same directory as r.mapcalc. r.mapcalculator and
r3.mapcalculator are scripts which use the parser so that d.m/gis.m
can interface with them.

> r3.showdspf,

I think it's been made redundant by NVIZ.

> r.grow2,

r.grow2 is installed as r.grow. The original r.grow is no longer
present; the directory retains its name to preserve CVS history.

> r.terraflow,

r.terraflow is only built if C++ support is enabled (--with-cxx).

> Case 4. Also related to a previous message from Ari Jolma, I tried to
> use the SWIG interface generation for GRASS and found that in file
> "gisdefs.h" several function prototypes are defined, but the functions
> are never implemented (or yet deprecated) in the GRASS source tree.
> They are: G_ask_datum_params(), G_def_window(),
> G_ellipsoid_grid_dist(), G_ellipsoid_grid_dist() (defined twice),
> lzw_decode(), lzw_expand(), G_lzw_nof_read_bytes(),
> G_lzw_max_used_bits(), G_lzw_set_bits(), G_lzw_compress(),
> G_lzw_expand(), G_lzw_compress_count_only_array(),
> G_lzw_compress_count_only_file(), G_lzw_write(),
> G_lzw_write_noCompress(), G_lzw_test_status(), G_lzw_read2(),
> G_lzw_read(), G_lzw_transfer_compress(), G_lzw_transfer_expand(),
> G_open_support_old(), G_fopen_support_old(), G_open_support_new() and
> G_fopen_support_new().

The LZW compression was removed a long time ago due to patent issues. 
I don't know about the others.

Glynn Clements <glynn at gclements.plus.com>

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