[GRASS5] 100% cpu mouse bug

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 22 08:34:30 EDT 2006


A plea:

It's probably about time to get some closure on the long-standing GRASS
6 uses 100% cpu during mouse ops. issue.

My feeling: Rip. Shred. Tear. Do what needs to be done. Do it now.

For a year GRASS can't be used on thin clients which totally goes
against its original design intentions. This sucks.

I'd like for the upcoming 6.1.0 release to be a good one, and this is an
obvious wart. If substatial development of the d.* modules are to cease
after 6.2 is released, we should remember that it will probably be used
and in maintenance mode for a long time, so probably is a more than most
release to get "right". We need to start moving in that direction now.

rah rah,

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