[GRASS5] gis.m as default GUI

William Kyngesburye woklist at kyngchaos.com
Tue Apr 25 12:18:06 EDT 2006

On Apr 25, 2006, at 10:41 AM, Michael Barton wrote:

> I've successfully tried starting GRASS without OSX using Lorenzo  
> Moretti's
> binaries. This uses TclTk aqua and the Mac terminal. It works fine.
> Obviously, it's missing those pieces that still require x11. I  
> don't think
> these will be replaced before the rapidly approaching version 6.2  
> release.
> But I (and hopefully others??) will be working on them.
I'm building this weekend's snapshot as I write, linked to Tiger's  
trimmed down Aqua Tcl/Tk, with only X11 support in GRASS (no lesstif  
or glw).  I'll see how that goes. (Panther users would have to  
download and install the full Tcl/Tk Aqua, since Apple's Tcl is  
missing wish on Panther)
> For TclTk, I think replacing d.profile will be pretty  
> straightforward. I'm
> have some ideas at least about how do to i.points and r.digit.
r.digit would be good - I actually have been using that one regularly  

> v.digit will take someone that can understand the vector  
> architecture and do
> some C programming too.
I don't have any great need for v.digit now, but I'm sure others do.   
In the future I hope to start using it more.  Qgis is an alternative,  
but I'm holding off for 0.8.

> It seems to me that nviz doesn't really need x11, but this is an  
> opinion
> that is pretty ignorant of how it works internally (I've looked at  
> the TclTk
> part but don't understand how it interacts with the C part or X11  
> part).
I poked around in that once - tried to get it to build with Apple  
stuff, GL, Tcltk.  Really, NVIZ needs X11 only indirectly.

First, it needs a Tcl extension, Togl, that until recently didn't  
work on Mac OS X Aqua, only with OSX X11.  v1.7.x now works on OS X  
Aqua, but the old 1.5 source is still what's in the NVIZ source.

There is the GL stuff - adjusting link flags, using AGL, tcltk  
flags, ...

I got as far as updating togl, and fiddling with the GL stuff, and  
got a lot of multiple defs errors between Apple's GL and X11's GL.   
Even without X11 support in GRASS, I couldn't figure out what was  
still trying to link to X11 libraries.

Then the new GUI discussion and development started, and I gave up.   
Someone else would be better off figuring all this out.  Tho I should  
probably add a bug report to add the new togl to NVIZ.

> There may be a few more commands that need x11, but not many and  
> the number
> is shrinking.
 From my notes, I have r3.showdspf as needing glw and mo/less-tif,  
indirectly needing X11.  But the funtionality looks like it's in NVIZ.

And xganim needs mo/less-tif.

And of course the NVIZ beast.

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