[GRASS5] Re: auto-locate EPSG

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 26 08:32:52 EDT 2006

> > the new auto-locate EPSG file isn't working for me.
> Please check:
> grep PROJSHARE include/Make/Platform.make
> PROJSHARE           = /usr/local/share/proj

$ grep PROJSHARE include/Make/Platform.make
PROJSHARE           = /usr/local/share/proj
$ ls /usr/local/share/proj
ls: /usr/local/share/proj: No such file or directory

> configure now defines via hack (I didn't receive an answer how
> to do it properly) where the PROJ software is installed.
> See configure.in, line 583 ff.
> > Do I have to use --with-proj-includes= ?
> >  (it has been fine without it up to now)
> Behaviour *should* not change. Apparently the
> test fails on your machine.

this one:  ?

# Define share/proj/ directory for epsg code file
if test -n "$PROJINC"; then

is $PROJINC only set if I used --with-proj-includes ??

If not, what sets it?


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