[GRASS5] Re: [GRASSLIST:10120] updates to gism2 - Feb2, 2006

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Thu Feb 2 14:49:16 EST 2006

Hi Eric.

I doubt that any d.* commands will work from the command console. They are
by default set up to run in x-monitors and it currently takes a bit of
tweaking to make them run in a TclTk canvas. However, most d.* commands are
available by other means within the GIS Manaer. Other commands, like
r.composite, should  work however.

I'll look to see what went wrong with the save button. It worked before, so
I must have messed something up when fixing something else.

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> Subject: RE: [GRASSLIST:10120] updates to gism2 - Feb2, 2006
> Hi Michael,
> I downloaded gism_rc1_20060201 this morning and gave it a try; thanks for
> the updates! We're definitely getting closer here.
> Some observations:
> 1) Clicking the 'Open existing workspace file' button opens a 'Save File'
> dialog box. Shouldn't this be an Open File box?
> 2) Trying to open a Workspace file through File/Groups/Open menu gives an
> error. I've attached it as 'Open Workspace Error.log'.
> 3) I created a workspace file from scratch. I added 2 rasters to the gis
> manager, then clicked File/Groups/Save as which gave the error message
> attached in 'Save_Workspace_Error.log'. I am able to save the workspace
> using the GUI button on the display manager, however. The saved workspace
> file re-opens normally.
> 4) Most Grass commands typed into the run dialog don't seem to do anything.
> I only tried a few commands, i.e. g.region -p, d.rast map=rastername don't
> run, but r.composite does. Do only a subset of Grass programs run in this
> dialog?
> 5) Once a code block is pasted into the 'run' dialog, clicking the 'save'
> button produces an error message, which is attached as
> Command_Save_Error.log.
> HTH,
> ~ Eric.
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> Subject: [GRASSLIST:10120] updates to gism2
> I posted to my web site and Markus helped me commit to the cvs a set of
> updates to the GIS Manager 2 GUI that addresses some of the issues that
> popped up over the last couple days.
> I noticed that I cannot produce text overlays on my Mac using d.text or
> d.text.freetype. I'd like to know if this is the same under other OS's
> also. d.label does work, however.
> d.text.freetype has not worked on the Mac since the upgrade to OSX10.4,
> but d.text did work. So I need to know if this is a Mac issue or
> everyone has the same lack of text under the new TclTk canvas displays.
> If the latter, I can add a TclTk text module that will do essentially
> the same thing as d.text.freetype and should work on all systems.
> Michael
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