[GRASS5] New Script Submission on Grass WIKI: d.hyperlink

Patton, Eric epatton at nrcan.gc.ca
Thu Feb 9 19:58:08 EST 2006


>This sounds very nice. But I'm trying to get GRASS modules and scripts to
>move away from a dependence on an xterm or any other particular graphic
>device. This way they can be used in more up-to-date user interfaces. Is
>there some way that your script could take xy (east north) input instead of
>relying on an xterm?



The business end of the script relies on d.what.vect for the interactive
component, where each mouse click on a vector feeds the input for the image
loader. I wanted it to be such that the user didn't need to know much about
the point in question (like x and y) to query the linked image. I could
certainly modify it so that an SQL 'WHERE' selection on some ID attribute
feeds the input instead, removing the reliance on d.what.vect. That way, the
user could label the vectors based on CAT to find out what input was needed
to the 'WHERE' field. 

I'll probably keep the interactive component in my own private script. I
like being able to click around on the screen. Is it intended that all
interactivity will be removed from the new UI? 

Thanks for the feedback,

~ Eric.

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