[GRASSLIST:10281] Re: [GRASS5] New release candidate 3 of GIS Manager 2

William Kyngesburye woklist at kyngchaos.com
Mon Feb 13 18:36:32 EST 2006

Just thought I'd throw in a couple words...

On Feb 13, 2006, at 4:11 PM, Michael Barton wrote:

>>> ŒSticky' zooming‹by popular demand.
>> Better, as to me. But still it is not a continous zoom mode, like it
>> used to be. Could this be brought back as well? For now one has to
>> re-click the zoom button to do another zoom, and once more, and once
>> more... This is not optimal I believe. In my practice I'm almost  
>> never
>> satisfied with the first zoom, so I need to re-click zoom button  
>> several
>> times until I set up the view as needed. Or think of a situatioan
>> when you want to zoom in and out quickly back to bring back the
>> context. While in the continous zoom this was avoided, all you had to
>> do was to click right mouse button to quit the zooming tool once you
>> are done. Who else preffered the old mode?
> let's see what response is to this one
My response - yes for continuous zoom.  It's a tool, and one uses a  
tool until another is selected.

>> Moreover, I don't understand why I need to select a rectangle to
>> _unzoom_. Am I missing something? Zoom out tool should... zoom out
>> once I click the button, why select region and confirm? Too much  
>> mouse
>> action for no purpose, I think.
> Zoom out rectangle give you greater control over you 'unzoom'. With a
> zoom-out rectangle, your current map 'shrinks' to fit into the  
> rectangle. So
> you can decide to zoom out a little (big rectangle) or a lot (small
> rectangle). Or you can use g.region.
I think this zoom out by rectangle thing is unintuitive.  Dragging a  
rectangle for a zoom implies getting closer, within the rectangle,  
but then you go the opposite direction.  Vertigo alert!  If you need  
a fast zoom out, is it possible to have something interrupt the  
redraw?  Then you could just click multiple times in succession.  Or  
some way to set zoom out magnitude? (could work for point-click zoom  
in also)  Either would be better.

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