[GRASS5] Gism command console

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Fri Feb 17 21:32:50 EST 2006


I forgot to mention that the GIS Manager command console WILL do unix
commands. Try ls or cat. There are a few differences between the console and
the GRASS terminal of course.

Commands are fully editable using mouse and keys.

There is a running command history maintained. You can scroll and select any
command in the history, optionally modify it, and run it. The run button
acts on any line that your cursor is on.

Command histories and commands can be saved. The console will save whatever
you have selected. If nothing is selected, the entire command history is

Command output goes to the output window rather than the command console. So
if you run cat on a text file, the text file contents will appear in the
output window. Again, you can save (and edit) anything in the output window.

You will have problems with commands that require interactive response via
the terminal. G.mremove is a good  example. It doesn¹t seem to want to
accept a ³y² command in response to the prompt ³Did you mean this(y/n)?²

Plain *nix commands seem to run fine, as do all GRASS commands that don¹t
require you to interact with the terminal.

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