[GRASSLIST:10420] Re: [GRASS5] gis manager 2 rc3 - bug fixes and updates

Maciek Sieczka werchowyna at epf.pl
Mon Feb 20 02:57:59 EST 2006

Michael, David,

Glad to see how gis.m is progressing and that my input is found
somewhat hellpful.

I woould like only to comment on this 3/2 mouse button which hhas been
already talked about a bit:

> 2) Please don't depend (I didn't say don't use ever) on a 3-button
> mouse! Most laptop keypads only have 2 buttons! I can't use it without
> bringing along a real 3-button mouse. That's hard to use on an
> airplane or bus.

I think Grass is not targeted at mobile computers. Defaulting to a 3
button mouse is sane IMVHO. Even if one is using laptop, relying on a
touchpad for working with GIS on his machine is not a good idea. It is
too uncomfortable - good enough for browsing the net but won't ever do
for image manipulation, drawing etc.

I'm using laptop myself most of the time and I wouldn't even consider
using Grass display stuff without a mouse. Same for Gimp or Inkscape.

Using Grass with a 3 button mouse is more powerfull when compared to 2
button mouse. Sure I'm talking from my very personnal POV but I guess it
is an issue to discuss.

I recall Glynn suggested combination of 2 button mouse and keyboard.
That could be good solutiun but is it possible to implement within
current gis.m?


W polskim Internecie s? setki milion?w stron. My przekazujemy Tobie tylko najlepsze z nich!

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