[GRASS5] dm and gism in the cvs

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Mon Feb 20 03:31:38 EST 2006


On Sun, Feb 19, 2006 at 08:07:00PM -0700, Michael Barton wrote:
> A couple of clarifications. I did a cvs add and commit. I didn't move files.
> I did copy them from my local /display directory to my local new /gui/tcltk/
> directory before adding them but after adding the new directory to the cvs
> (obviously I wouldn't rewrite them). But clearly it didn't work correctly.
> I've done this before--recently--with no problems. But I've never done this
> many files at one time. It doesn't make much sense to me, but maybe this was
> the source of the source of the problem? It would be nice to know WHY the
> add/commit didn't work this time so I could avoid a similar problem in the
> future.

cvs add and cvs remove are the right combination.

I think your problem was created by also copying over
the MacCVSClient hidden files/directories, so when your client
wanted to updated or commit them on the new location,
it was getting the location from its own subdirectories
and commited it to the old location.

Actually a client should prevent this.
If you want to improve the client, you could try to recreate the
situation on a playground CVS somewhere and report the bug to the author.
Run "ls -al" a lot to see the hidden files.

If you want to improve your changes of doing this right,
I suggest using the "raw" command line cvs commands for this,
they are not that hard to learn after all. :)

> The files in the tarball I sent you should be the same as those that existed
> in the original location. In fact, I simply copied my local versions of the
> original directories into a backup directory (i.e., the one that I sent you)
> prior to starting the process to add/commit, move/commit. The apparent
> mismatch between the new and old locations is moot now in that the new
> location is the place everyone should be working with.

There were minor differences in one file, but I do not remember which one.
(With my emails vanished by the mailinglist problem.)

> Copy tree.tcl was a working file that was not supposed to end up in the cvs.
> I deleted it when I did the add/commit to the new location (i.e., it was in
> my backup but not the new location). But of course that didn't work right.
> So I'm glad you did not add it either.

Pure luck, I have added
though. They have not been in the old location.
Please check and remove them if necessary.

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