[GRASS5] mouse in gis.m (was: gis manager 2 rc3 - bug fixes and updates)

Maciek Sieczka werchowyna at epf.pl
Tue Feb 21 02:12:02 EST 2006


Mouse thing seems a serious issue so I'll fork the thread.

Below I'll explain in detail other reasons why I prefer 3 button zooming
like in d.zoom. For gis.m zooming tool it would be good if it could
reproduce the behaviour. It doesn't matter with how many buttons/keys.

In gis.m currently one has to select _exactly_ the corner he wants
right at the very first click. And right on the second click it zooms
in. It is 99% sure I won't be satisfied with my first selection when
my area to be zoomed is not a simple shape. So I'll need to unzoom
(another tool) and zoom in back (another tool again). Maybe several
times. Bad.

Zooming out/in in d.zoom is very well designed, thoroughly thought. I
can refine the area selection within one zooming session. Once the
selection looks I confirm with middle. In case something went wrong
- unzoom with middle, redo selection. To quit press right. All within
one session. Efficient and elegant.

Please try zooming to a non-regular shape, some European countries
borders for instance. You'll see it is much easier with d.zoom.

Another solution would be if your current gis.m zoom tool had a
transparent "guidelines" following the cursor moves (sorry I can't think
of a better description, is it clear what I mean?), so it would be
possible to refine the zoom-in bounding box before performing the
actual zoom. What do you think? But still unzooming within the same
session will be missing. Using keyboard to change the +/- zoom
direction would do.


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