[GRASS5] bug in v.overlay?

Otto Dassau dassau at gdf-hannover.de
Mon Jan 2 11:11:01 EST 2006


I think this is a bug in v.overlay but I would like to ask you as developers 

I buffered roads and railroads from the spearfish location and overlayed both 
maps. The result is, that v.overlay includes all areas even those without 
centroid into calculation. It becomes clear in QGIS:

GRASS commands:
v.buffer in=roads out=roadsbuf type=line buffer=250
v.buffer in=railroads out=railroadsbuf type=line buffer=250
v.overlay ain=railroadsbuf bin=roadsbuf out=testbuf oper=or

Snapshot of north east corner of spearfish region (map testbuf) in QGIS:


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