[GRASS5] bug in v.overlay?

Otto Dassau dassau at gdf-hannover.de
Mon Jan 2 11:23:33 EST 2006

Am Montag, 2. Januar 2006 17:11 schrieb Otto Dassau:
> Hi,

Hi again, 

there is no bug - sorry. I misinterpreted the result.... it is all correct 
with v.overlay.


> I think this is a bug in v.overlay but I would like to ask you as
> developers first.
> I buffered roads and railroads from the spearfish location and overlayed
> both maps. The result is, that v.overlay includes all areas even those
> without centroid into calculation. It becomes clear in QGIS:
> GRASS commands:
> v.buffer in=roads out=roadsbuf type=line buffer=250
> v.buffer in=railroads out=railroadsbuf type=line buffer=250
> v.overlay ain=railroadsbuf bin=roadsbuf out=testbuf oper=or
> Snapshot of north east corner of spearfish region (map testbuf) in QGIS:
> http://www.gdf-hannover.de/dassau/fehler/spearfish_roads_railroads_buffer.j
>   Otto
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