[GRASS5] Rename of development mailing list?

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Wed Jan 4 04:38:37 EST 2006


On Wed, Jan 04, 2006 at 11:07:49AM +0200, M?ris Narti?s wrote:
> > > Also while you are at it,
> > > perhaps make the list add a reply-to header that points back to the
> > > list? Was this already discussed earlier and you want it not to
> > > auto-reply to the list? In that case forget about my question (;
> >
> > This is unfortunate and not desired. There have been too many accidents
> > where people sent a privat message to a list. Seek in the GRASS, PROJ
> > GDAL archives for examples...
> > All (good) mail user agents have a "reply all" button or
> > "group reply" key which solved the problem.
> Yea, and then You receive at least 2 copies of mail - one from list
> and one direct ;)
> I always press "reply to all" and then manually clear all other
> addresses except lists address. That sucks.

Then use for example "mutt" [1] and press "l" (respond to list).
Only one mail will be sent.

But: I read many lists in digest mode. If I receive a message twice
(which sucks for you), the direct message arrives immediately in my
mailbox while the digest arrives at the end of the day (or even later).
This makes me responsive for messages addressing me directly while I
can calm down for messages where I am not necessarily involved.

> There always will be users who after reading "Do not run 'rm -Rf /' !"
> will run that command and there is nothing to do about it.
> Some time a go one of KDE devs (I read it on planetkde) posted story
> about security MS Windows vs KDE/Linux. This story contained url with
> text "Do not open with Microsoft Internet Explorer" (or similar), cuz
> opened site installed viruses and spy ware. After this post there
> where lots of unhappy IE user comments about infecting they PCs. What
> can You do to protect users from themselves?
> My 2c.
> Maris.

Look: I have seen such things happen to often, why enforcing personal
problems? I don't want to send pointers here, but I got even a request
to remove a message from the GRASS User list archive where a person
accidentially send a personal family/job problem to hundreds of GRASS
subscribers. This person ran into severe troubles later. This rarely
happens with "reply to author" settings as they are now.

Have a look here:
 "Reply-To" Munging Considered Harmful



[1] www.mutt.org

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