[GRASS5] Automated test-system for basic functionalities.

Stephan Holl holl at gdf-hannover.de
Mon Jan 9 06:36:30 EST 2006

Hi Developers,

we discussed a automated test-system for modules which
will report simple OK/error statements for basic functionalities.

Currently there is no clear idea, but thoughts about a shell-script
with configuration file have been made.

The dataset is also a problem, since it must be small enough to
distribute it to testers. Spearfish is probably too big...

A manual example (with spearfish6-data) can be found here[1].

Perhaps someone on this list can give some ideas, thoughts about
best-practice of creating such a test-environment?

Thank you for input!


[1] http://mpa.itc.it/markus/mum3/testing_grass6_software.txt

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