[GRASS5] grass6 and R

Roger Bivand Roger.Bivand at nhh.no
Sat Jan 14 16:00:06 EST 2006

On Sat, 14 Jan 2006, Kirk R. Wythers wrote:

> hey all...
> I'm trying to get the grass6 R interface working. I am looking at  
> Roger's article in GRASS-News Vol. 3. After the step:
>  > install.packages("spgrass6", repos = rS)
> I am getting the message:
> Warning: unable to access index for repository http://r- 
> spatial.sourceforge.net'R/bin/macosx/powerpc/contrib/2.2
> Warning in download.packages(pkgs, destdir = tmpd, available =  
> available,  :
>           no package 'spgrass6' at the repositories
> I have not followed the GRASS and R development closely. Has  
> something changed? Does spgrass6 not exist any more?

Visiting the repository will show that all is well, but nobody I know has 
a machine with OSX on it. With the advent of x86 OSX this will get worse 
too. On OSX you have to install from source, as on any other Unix/Linux 
system, only Windows people get the help of a binary. Because there is no 
C code in the package, I guess that most (?) OSX will have the minimal 
tool train needed. Guessing further, on Linux I have:

> getOption("pkgType")
[1] "source"

but you most likely have "mac.binary"

Then try:

install.packages("spgrass6", repos = rS, type="source")

to override the default, and it should work. If you can confirm that it 
does, I can alter the note on the download page, and provide an erratum 
for the Newsletter page. If you still have difficulties, we'll need to 
work out the minimum configuration needed on OSX to install a source 
package, for example based on:


Hope this helps,


> Thanks,
> Kirk
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