[GRASS5] d.vect -a|c for all types ver2

Maciek Sieczka werchowyna at epf.pl
Mon Jan 16 03:42:47 EST 2006

On pon, 2006-01-16 at 17:18 +1300, Hamish wrote:
> Hi, just some thoughts re 'd.vect -a' for all feature types-
> after this patch is merged I would like to add a d.vect rgb_column=
> option to set the column name to something other than GRASSRGB (although
> that will be the default).

Sounds great to me.


> Taking this further, and acknowledging that d.vect is already
> overwhelmingly complicated,

Might be puzzing for a newbie indeed.

> perhaps a color_rules= option could be
> added to access one of the standard GRASS raster color maps (in
> $GISBASE/etc/colors/), fit to data, and then use on-the-fly?

In spite of acknowledging the over-complexity of d.vect, I admit that
such "color_rules=" would be an _excellent_, desired feature.

> e.g. use with LIDAR data where DB holding GRASSRGB column can't
> exist and just too huge for d.vect.thematic (if it worked without a data
> column).


> Even further- allow access to any colr/ file created with r.colors.
> But mixing raster/vector functions like this isn't very clean and is to
> be avoided...

I don't feel that making d.vect and d.rast able to use a common color
rules definitions is something bad. From a user point of view it's all
about display only. Maybe an idea is to make the colr/ independent from
rasters, redo r.colors to support vectors also (alike d.vect.thematic?)
and rename to g.colors. Then g.copy, g.remove, g.mremove, g.rename would
need to be able to manipulate contents of /colr too.

How about an import module for arcview color definitions?

> re. d.vect being way too complicated to quickly use or learn:
> An idea would be to keep d.vect powerful but split up the functionalily
> in the GUI into "display points" and "display areas" etc. as the "Add
> vector layer" panel is already too much for a new user. split up into
> features,colors,labels,query sections which can be collapsible? dunno.

I double this idea. d.vect cannot be simpler it seems. Let's leave it to
GUI to make it more convenient in use.


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