[GRASS5] v.what and r.what

twiens twiens at interbaun.com
Wed Jan 18 09:55:47 EST 2006

As mentioned by Michael, I trimmed code from d.what.vect to
create v.what as part of the new gis.m. Right now its output
format is just like the shell script option for d.what.vect.
However when I wrote it it didn't look at r.what before hand
and added input of east and north as separate parameters,
but r.what takes them as a pair. Also the r.what output is
column like separated by vertical bars, where v.what has
each attribute on its on line with the field name and its

I intend to add an option to r.what to provide the same kind
of output as v.what, but since it is desirable to have the
commands similar should I modify v.what to take a coordinate
pair or modify r.what to take coordinate input as two
parameters. Michael prefers the separate parameters and I
prefer it to, but I don't want to break anything, so I'm
asking for advice before I do anything.


Trevor Wiens
twiens at interbaun.com

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