[GRASS5] winGRASS: mingw32 and execl (g.list)

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Thu Jan 19 10:41:50 EST 2006


I was able to make further changes for winGRASS native (thanks to
instructions of Radim how to compile all the needed libs).
Now all modules except for display related libs/modules
are compilable.

Some quick tests in 'commmand.com' with r.mapcalc, r.slope.aspect,
v.voronoi were successful. I kept the data in a network directory
so that I was able to display the new maps via Linux. In future
QGIS 0.8 or other software will take care of the display
(or someone ports also the display stuff).

Now a question: While 'g.list' compiled, it just does not display
anything and exits. May execl() be the problem?

Or do we have to implement some .../path/... vs ...\path\...
tricks there?

Any ideas?


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