[GRASS5] shape file limit with v.in.org.all

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 20 20:09:50 EST 2006

> >> for MAP in `ls ~/projects/mn_dnr/shape_files/forties/county/ 
> >> *.shp`; do
> >> to import a bunch (>100) shape files. When I run the script on the
> >> whole directory of shape files, I get the error:
> >> repeated for every shape file. However, if I run the same script on
> >> just a few files, the world is cool. So far I have run it on 1
> >file, > 3 files, 6 files, and 20 files. I am about to try 50 or so
> >files. Has > anyone see this kind of behavior before?

> > I guess that the parameter length created by `ls *...` is
> > exceeding a Un*x limit (for the shell or whatever).
> > You may try to rewrite it to first go into the
> > directory, then run the loop in that directory.

Kirk again:
> Thanks Markus. I have another large collection of shape files to read 
> in today. I'll give it a go. I never figured out exactly what the  
> limit was (something between 25 and 100 files, I would guess).

You are probably past this now, but for the greater understanding &
future scripts..

I think what Markus was getting at is that it wasn't a file limit, but a
string character limit. cd'ing to the directory will remove the
directory from each file from the `ls` string (as you do with basename
later), which means you can fit a lot more names in the 4096? chars you
have available for the shell to work with.

"~/projects/mn_dnr/shape_files/forties/county/" * 100 maps is an extra
4500 chars. That would put you over the 4096 limit. Alternatively to
"cd" first, running 'basename .shp' in the `ls` step would mean a
savings of an extra 4 chars per map, which may help for a huge number of

hope it all makes sense now,


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