[GRASS5] [bug #4028] (grass) d.grid -g fails for Washington State Plane South Projection

Maciek Sieczka via RT grass-bugs at intevation.de
Sat Jan 21 09:43:30 EST 2006

David wrote:

> This problem goes away if the location is defined using EPSG 2926 instead of
> the old text-based interface to state plane (see my original post)


I set up a location from EPSG 2926 just being curious. I can see it is pretty
much different than the one you set up manualy in you original example. Now it's:

GRASS 6.1.cvs (std):~ > g.proj -p
name       : Lambert Conformal Conic
proj       : lcc
a          : 6378137
es         : 0.006694380022900787
lat_1      : 48.73333333333333
lat_2      : 47.5
lat_0      : 47
lon_0      : -120.8333333333333
x_0        : 500000.0001016001
y_0        : 0
no_defs    : defined
unit       : US survey foot
units      : US survey foots
meters     : 0.3048006096012192

Differences from you original example:
1. no datum
2. no nadgrids
3. lon_0 has no w suffix
4. lat_0-2 has no n suffix
5. unit and units names are different in both cases
6. ellps shape and x,y shifting are expressed in plain numbers instead of

Try playing with those differences until you find the reason for d.grid not
working. My first shot would be at unit names, datum next and the others last.

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done automatically.


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