[GRASS5] Re: Talking about an umbrella GFOSS foundation

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Tue Jan 24 12:34:21 EST 2006


Michael Barton wrote:

>I joined the list to follow what is going on. Unfortunately, it has quite a
>bit of normal MapServer development/use issues interspersed with GFOSS
>foundation discussions.
Yes, I agree. I just feel that we have to speak up there, otherwise they
will just ignore "our" issues.

>I'm waiting to see how GRASS fits in. One relevant item that came up is that
>of licensing standards within the proposed foundation. The short comment
>suggested that GRASS's GPL license may be a limiting factor, but that it
>would probably be nigh on impossible to change.
Well, AFAIK also Frank Warmerdam dislikes the idea of transfering
copyrights to a foundation.
For him an OSI compliant license it sufficient (and I think that his
opinion will have some impact there).

>Something I haven't seen come up yet, but what is probably the most
>important set of issues at the meeting next week is the governance structure
>and how support would be allocated.
>You're probably already planning on this, Markus, but I want to note that
>the user base and code base figures that Martin and Hamish talked about last
>year will probably be useful stats to have handy.
You mean in the newletter?


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