[GRASS-dev] collecting grass (future) concepts

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 1 22:20:50 EST 2006

> > from my personal point of view (as a relatively new/young GRASS
> > "power" user) I suggest to create a new GRASS mailing list (e.g.
> > grass-concepts, or grass-future, etc.), where developers and users
> > could discuss the new/modified GIS concepts for future version of
> > GRASS. E.g. idea concept like object-orientated and layer-orientated
> > data approach, full 2D-2.5D-3D-4D GIS implementation, and in the
> > future more technical issues (working on the new core libraries,
> > core programming language issue, etc.).
> >
> > I hope that this mailing list (and of course GRASS-Wiki) might help
> > to collect and crystallize ideas about GRASS future.

Helena wrote:
> There is also wiki for grass future ideas and IRC chat can be used
> too.

futute development wiki page:


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