[GRASS-dev] GRASS/KerGIS fonts: hershey revival

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 1 22:16:41 EST 2006

> M?ris Narti?s wrote:
> > Using fonts to show various symbols is easyest and common used trick
> > (look ar  ArcView), but it has drawbacks - user has to create new
> > font to get own  symbols for displaying and that's not good. In
> > ArcView I also have run into  different problems coming from font
> > usage as symbol. Having all code already in GRASS is good, but I
> > would better see as GRASS 7  wish SVG vector symbol support. QGIS
> > already to that way - You can draw image  in any vector image
> > manipulation soft (Inkscape, CorelDraw etc.) and just  show in right
> > place. Size, rotation is not a problem. Pros: Scalable ;) , color,
> > easy to add own symbols. Cons: adds another dependency for GRASS.

tlaronde wrote:
> But you have already programs in CERL GRASS based GIS to draw "icons"
> (legacy and postscript). They can just be changed to generate symbols
> in the description format used for the fonts---or, as I'm doing at the
> moment, generate them with v.in.* (here v.in.dxf); could have v.in.svg
> (v.in.metapost... since I do use it too), etc.

In grass 6.2 check out the d.graph symbol command. There is scale and
rotate infrastructure there, although rotate isn't fully implimented.

d.vect and ps.map can also use these symbols, and ps.map does support
simple .eps icons as well (incl. rotation).

see D_symbol() and  http://grass.gdf-hannover.de/wiki/IconSymbols

There is no .eps, .svg  -> d.graph or symbol  converter, but it would be
really great (and probably not that hard) for someone to write one. It's
been a long standing wish.


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