[GRASS-dev] [bug #5258] (grass) v.in.region does not create db table (in postgresql)

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Sat Nov 4 10:28:24 EST 2006

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Subject: v.in.region does not create db table (in postgresql)

Platform: GNU/Linux/x86
grass obtained from: CVS
grass binary for platform: Compiled from Sources
GRASS Version: 6.3cvs

Generating a new vector (area) file with the current region extent by the v.in.region command does not create automatically a corresponding database table in PosgreSQL. This results in errors when trying to rename the file or when using this vector file in certain overlay procedures, such as v.patch and v.overlay, when table contents should be inherited:

v.patch -e input=paguirre2006base4,testarea output=testpatch --overwrite
GRASS_INFO_ERROR(28119,1): Missing table

Manually creating a database table in PostgreSQL, connecting it to the vector file (v.db.connect) and updloading the cat values is a simple workaround so far.

Guido Lorenz
Universidad Nacional de Santiago del Estero

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