wald, space (Re: [GRASS-dev] Re: r.out.gdal segfault in XY location)

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 6 22:16:17 EST 2006

> > > Say, could a tracker hold Wiki Add-ons scripts & modules? I always
> > > worry that old scripts will be lost when people switch ISPs, jobs,
> > > graduate, etc.
> > We could have a separate tracker for this, or use the the GForge ftp
> > space (there is such thing).
> >
> > What is file size limit and the overall quota, in the tracker and
> > the ftp space? Better ideas?
> There is no specific quota (yet) as disc space is reasonable cheap
> (though backspace is not). We might introduce a quota in the future.

usual FTP policy is anonomous upload to an incoming/ dir is allowed, but
the contents of that dir is only viewable by the site admin who then
moves the file to the public dir. incoming/ should be in its own
partition or be subject lots of space checks to avoid a general denial
of service attack.

there used to be such a ftp upload space @itc, don't know if that is
still active. I don't think anyone has needed to use it in a long while.
> I am not quite sure that I know what "Wiki Add-ons scripts & modules"
> precisly are, but if this is useful for GRASS to track and reaonably
> seperate from other things. By all means: Track it. :)

user contributions:

> You can use the documentation space or another svn module if
> a tracker is not appropriate, so there are enough possibility to model
> a solution.


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