[GRASS-dev] updates to nviz GUI

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Mon Nov 13 11:43:52 EST 2006

Working with Bob Covill, I¹ve started on a series of updates to the NVIZ
GUI. This has several objectives, the main one being to make NVIZ more
usable and make a number of exciting new features more accessible. The
updating involves standardizing widgets and fonts, using colors for visual
cues (no, I didn¹t make it green, though it was tempting), standardizing
terminology to match with the rest of GRASS, cleaning up the code, using
more current widgets like SpinBoxes and ComboBoxes, and starting to add in
mouse-over help. To give others a chance to look and comment, and to avoid
losing track of where I¹m at so far, I¹ve gone ahead and uploaded a number
of these updates to the cvs. I¹m not making any changes in how NVIZ operates
(though Bob is continuing with code updates), just changing how the GUI
looks. Let me know what  you think.

Michael Barton, Professor of Anthropology
School of Human Evolution & Social Change
Center for Social Dynamics and Complexity
Arizona State University

phone: 480-965-6213
fax: 480-965-7671
www: http://www.public.asu.edu/~cmbarton 

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