[GRASS-dev] Re: CVS date&time on manuals page?

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Thu Nov 16 01:34:09 EST 2006

On Wed, Nov 15, 2006 at 11:16:43PM +0100, Maciej Sieczka wrote:
> Hamish wrote:
> > Maciej Sieczka wrote:
> >> I mean the main docs page, at http://grass.itc.it/gdp/manuals.php.
> >> Could *this* site have the CVS timestamp on it as well?
> >>
> >> Such a timestamp will let the GRASS GForge user verify if the issue
> >> he is about to report is still actuall, in the most recent doc
> >> version he can access.
> > 
> > I still don't understand what is missing.
> A timestamp on the very http://grass.itc.it/gdp/manuals.php site. This
>  would inform what was CVS date and time when the docs on this site
> were built.

So you mean to transfer the update timestamp from the underlying pages
into this page? I have no idea how to do that (some PHP based parsing maybe?).

> So the user can know what is the timestamp of this doc
> version. This helps him to provide a better information in his doc bug
> report - let's him verify if his local doc is newer or older, and
> provides the CVS date&time for him to include in his bug report.

As a quick-and-dirty solution I have added "updated weekly" to
- GRASS 6.3.x manual pages, and
- GRASS 6.2.x manual pages

I am even unsure if we should keep the links to the old stuff there
or move out ot manuals_old.php


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