[GRASS-dev] Makefiles: tar failure on Solaris

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 20 18:41:18 EST 2006

> > > Yes, but it still suffers from the issue that it installs every
> > > file in the directory; there is no way to omit individual files
> > > from installation.
> > for $GISBASE/etc/symbol/ I don't think that's a problem as it is
> > specifically a file repository.
> Does anything enumerate the directory contents?

e.g. icon_files() for "d.vect icon=" and rules_files() in r.colors.

these work on installed $GISBASE dirs, not source tree, so CVS/ and
friends do not exist and are not included- hence the need for Makefile

> If so, having extraneous files will offer choices which shouldn't be
> there.
> The most common cause of problems is backup files, as these are
> normally based upon the original filename (e.g. (X)Emacs will back-up
> "foo" as "foo~") and don't contain a leading dot. These are excluded
> from CVS by default, but could end up in tarballs if they are made
> from a developer's working copy rather than a fresh checkout.
> Another potential issue is README files. If a module provides a switch
> to list available files, you don't want invalid files showing up in
> the list.

yes, but extraneous files (committed emacs backups, whatever) are bugs.

README, et cetera, would (and does) go into lib/symbol/ not

My main concern is that it is set up in a way that makes it as easy as
possible for users (and devels) to add new symbols to the system. (You
can put custom icons into $MAPSET/symbol/group/, but then use is
restricted to that one location) Having to keep a Makefile in sync is
much more error prone- a noisy bug is better than a silent one.


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