[GRASS-dev] [bug #5332] (grass) crashed when i load a project

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Sat Nov 25 14:43:19 EST 2006

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Subject: crashed when i load a project

Platform: GNU/Linux/x86_64
grass obtained from: Mirror of Trento site
grass binary for platform: Downloaded precompiled Binaries
GRASS Version: 6.2.0-1

Grass crashed when i will load the "spearfish60" project.

WELCOME TO GRASS              Version 6.2.0         2006

   1) Have at your side all available GRASS tutorials

   2) When working on your location, the following materials
      are extremely useful:
      - A topo map of your area
      - Current catalog of available computer maps

   3) Check the GRASS webpages for feedback mailinglists and more:

Hit RETURN to continue

Starting GRASS ...

Welcome to GRASS 6.2.0 (2006) 
GRASS homepage:                          http://grass.itc.it/
This version running thru:               Bash Shell (/bin/bash)
Help is available with the command:      g.manual -i
See the licence terms with:              g.version -c
If required, restart the graphical user interface with: gis.m &
When ready to quit enter:                exit
GRASS 6.2.0 (spearfish60):~ > Error in startup script: can't read "parts(n)": no such variable
    while executing
"MapCanvas::zoom_new $mon $parts(n) $parts(s) $parts(e)  $parts(w) $parts(nsres) $parts(ewres)"
    (procedure "MapCanvas::zoom_gregion" line 11)
    invoked from within
"MapCanvas::zoom_gregion $mon"
    (procedure "MapCanvas::create" line 40)
    invoked from within
    (procedure "Gm::startmon" line 11)
    invoked from within
    (procedure "Gm::create" line 69)
    invoked from within
    (procedure "main" line 30)
    invoked from within
"main $argc $argv"
    (file "/usr/grass-6.2.0/etc/gm/gm.tcl" line 521)
GRASS 6.2.0 (spearfish60):~ > 

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