[GRASS-dev] GRASS at GForge first steps

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Sun Nov 26 18:14:06 EST 2006

Maciej Sieczka wrote:
> Maciej Sieczka wrote:

>> What "GRASS components" tags would you propose to be added in the "code
>> issues tracker
>> http://wald.intevation.org/tracker/?atid=182&group_id=21&func=browse ?
>> (click "Submit New" and see the tags in the "GRASS component:" field)
>> What libraries? Other stuff? I don't know GRASS good enough and I'm not
>> a programmer.

> How about adding a "module/library" select box tag, which would have 2
> choices: "module" and "library". Such tag, in conjuction with "GRASS
> component", would indicate whether the nature of a given issue lies in
> a module, or in some underlying library.


I've done it another way: now the 'Issue type' tags in the 'code
issues' tracker are:

module bug
module bad feature
library bug
library bad feature

I think this should do OK.

I have also removed the "wish" from all issue trakcers and setup 3
separate  feature request trackers - for code, docs and web. So that
issue trackers are easier to use for devs searching for bugs to fix.

I've made several other fixes. Please look at the trackers again and
let me know how you like them now. IMHO they are ready for use. If
nobody objects until wednesday I'd like to announce that. I could also
put links on the GRASS site as needed, but I'm sure how to deal with
the old RT system - unlink it alltogether? Link both new and the old one?



Should I set up the AddOns trackers too? There was some discussion
about that, and I agree this is a good idea - anybody minds/better ideas?

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