[GRASS-dev] new bug tracker

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 26 23:49:40 EST 2006


suggestion; rearange order of trackers:


1) move "feature request" trackers before "issues" trackers so wishes
don't get filed as issues (reader will start at top and stop when they
find a near match..

2) group code, doc, web:

code feature requests
code issues  
code patches 
doc feature requests 
doc issues 
doc patches 
web feature requests
web issues 
web patches 

rename "web" to "website"


ps - after I create a "Build Query" in the tracker, how do I get back to
an "unqueried" list? [fixed, sort of: I had to use ctrl-click to
unhighlight the "confirmed" status or highlight all options] So now I
have "all open", "new", "open, confirmed" power queries. It is a pain I
have to recreate these for each tracker, but I guess options will be
different. Can three like these be set up by default for all trackers,
for all users?  ("all" == [Quick Browse] button on right side once you
figure that out)

pps- can "Submit New" be moved to left or made bold? It gets a little
lost in the middle of the other options.

ppps- can you set default activity chart to weekly/monthly in the
summary section?

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