[GRASS-dev] are we ready for a 6.2.1 release?

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 30 02:24:14 EST 2006


Now that the gis.m startup error message problem is (fingers crossed)
dealt with, are there any other outstanding issues holding back a 6.2.1
release? These should be critical bug fixes only.

Due to badly broken ps.map in 6.2.0 and the common hard to understand
gis.m startup error message, I'd hope for a release soon. It is now 30
days since 6.2.0 was released (and that's a nice round number).


* For NVIZ bug #4725 I have added a warning message with suggested
work-around so don't consider that release critical (it may take some
time to fix this one).

* I don't know anything about the r.distance NULL bugfix, do can't
comment on that.

Markus: can you trigger an new 6.2-releasebranch snapshot for testing?


ps - any cvs2cl.pl hints?
Do you need to do a full checkout of the 6.2 branch to run it?
Are the following requests->commands correct?

     #create ChangeLog on release branch:
     sh tools/cvs2cl.pl --follow "$CVSBRANCH"

    -F *BRANCH*, --follow *BRANCH*
        Show only revisions on or ancestral to *BRANCH*.

6.2.a -> 6.2.b
    --delta *FROM_TAG*:*TO_TAG*
        Attempt a delta between two tags (since *FROM_TAG* up to and
        including *TO_TAG*). The algorithm is a simple date-based one
        (this is a hard problem) so results are imperfect.

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