[GRASS-dev] [bug #5175] (grass) v.to.db: 'option=cat' not updating columns other than 'cat'

Maciek Sieczka via RT grass-bugs at intevation.de
Sun Oct 1 07:48:58 EDT 2006

hamish_nospam at yahoo.com wrote (Sun, Oct 1 2006 08:34:45):

> is it hard-coded to "cat" or is it hard-coded to the category key?


Thanks for the hint. It is hard-coded to the category key it shows.

I have connected a table using column 'gimme' for key:

   $ v.db.connect -p huha_rcl
   Vector map <huha_rcl> is connected by:
   layer <1> table <huha_rcl> in database
   </home/grassdata/spearfish60/sieczka/dbf/> through driver <dbf> with key  

and now v.to.db wants to populate the 'gimme' no matter what column I specify:

   $v.to.db -s map=huha_rcl type=point option=cat column=cat

    Updating database ...
    insert into huha_rcl ( gimme ) values  ( 1 )
    insert into huha_rcl ( gimme ) values  ( 2 )
    insert into huha_rcl ( gimme ) values  ( 3 )


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