[GRASS-dev] GIF -> PNG

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 1 22:26:50 EDT 2006

> > > For the record, TclTk doesn't like PNG. e.g. the NVIZ help browser
> > > won't load PNG help graphics in the nviz man pages.
> >
> > Cool :-(
> > We should change the NVIZ help browser to the standard HTML browser.
> > The limited tcltk based browser isn't that fancy at all.
> Done (startup GUI) & done (nviz). Also for 6.2-release branch.
> Any other places?

$ grep -rI help.tcl * | grep -v locale/po | cut -f1 -d: | uniq

No, only those two used it.

If we remove GRASS's visualization/nviz/html/help.tcl web browser,
that's 120k less source to distribute!

> Please test...

with this set in ~/.grass.bashrc:
  export GRASS_HTML_BROWSER=dillo
it works fine from NVIZ, but the startup GUI defaults to using klunky
old mozilla as .grass.bashrc hasn't been sourced yet(?). Also is there
any way to get rid of or minimize the residual xterm window?


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